EFCSW Boards

Faith Boards

Faith Boards express our united efforts to fulfill the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment. Each local church must be involved in this activity in its own setting. However, these Boards provide us a means of ministry together for the common cause.

The Faith Boards do not receive any assessment funds from EFCSW or its churches. All funds they raise are on a voluntary basis. They are free to raise money, grant scholarships and expend what finances they raise within the purposes of the particular Faith Board. Each chairperson or related executive staff member will give periodic reports to the Representatives in session and to the Board of Elders.

Presently we have three Faith Boards. These include Friends Center, Mission, and New Church Development. This section contains the purpose statement of each of these Faith Boards. Each Board has a manual or an organizational procedure that describes in more detail their strategy, operational procedures or objectives. These are available in the Evangelical Friends Church Southwest Office.

Service Boards

Service Boards express our united efforts to serve those who attend our churches. Their activity may take the form of providing assistance to our local churches or in addressing an area of mutual concern. Each local church may well be involved in this activity in its own setting.